Friday, July 26, 2013


Approaching our last month of summer...

I didn't want to stay out of practice, so decided to do a craft that I found online with the kids.

They're portable kneelers for the kids!  Clifford and Maria enjoyed decorating theirs with markers and stickers.

The stickers I expected to fall off... but it turns out the marker also slides right off and on to all of our clothes... which Clifford thinks is fantastic.

 Clifford chose star and heart stickers.

 Maria's kneeler, decked out in smileys and automobiles.

The girls loved using these! 

 Maria helping Dolly pray with Emily. 

So, those are the pleasant things that happened this week. Maybe later I'll share about the bottle of vinegar that got dumped on our library books... or how I don't get to use the bathroom alone... or maybe I'll nap. 

I'll probably nap.

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