Wednesday, November 27, 2013

That's what happened

So here's what happened...

We slept in late. I slept in late. We ate breakfast late and missed our Wednesday morning playgroup. This is a pretty standard Wednesday morning habit- wake up late, check... miss playgroup, check. But this morning we had to get out, we had library books due.

I didn't just want to get all the kids in the van and drive to the library and not do anything. I checked online for a story time. No dice. So I figured we do something else (again, getting the kids in the van and not doing anything= not an option). There's this neat toy train barn about an hour away so we went there.

The train barn was actually really cool. This family is really dedicated to this toy train collect and it's beautiful and detailed. There are a lot of buttons to push to move trains, turn lights on, open doors and watch little people and vehicles move in and out of them. It's great. My kids enjoyed all of 15 minutes of it (which is actually not too shabby) after which the family dog decided to try and get to know these new, little visitors. 

My kids are completely terrified of dogs. Every time this admittedly very sweet dog came around it sent them into full panic mode (full panic mode includes- howling, declarations of fear and scaling me like monkeys). 

So we left. 

Got back home an hour later... 

and yep, I forgot to return the library books.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


You may have noticed all of my previous blog content has disappeared. That is because the internet is full of gross people.

I have been keeping close tabs on where traffic is coming from to this blog because I am paranoid  a good parent. And up until recently I have been pretty satisfied with my readership.

So if you are one of my many friends and/or family members who follow this blog sorry about the abrupt departure.

Now to the person(s) with the disgusting porn viewing habit who trolled onto my blog after viewing topless young ladies. Get help. What you are doing is not healthy, for you or for society at large. Maybe you think your activities harmless? They are not. Because of the choices you are making young women are being encouraged to be victims and young men to be soulless. Additionally, you are hurting your chances of ever interacting with humans in a normal, respectful manner. You are turning yourself into a social pariah and not in any cool or attractive way, in a deeply revolting way.  I've cleaned diapers more appealing than you have allowed yourself to become. I will pray for you and wish you well but you are unwelcome here on my blog. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Every once in awhile (daily) one of my babies throws a tantrum. The worst is when it happens in public. Usually, they're mild and easy to address or ignore until they pass.

But sometimes I need to use a mental coping technique that I've just decided to call, future me.

Future me is used by imagining what is currently happening has already happened and I'm able to laugh about it.

For example-

Hey, remember that time we went on a field trip to a farm and my one and half year old threw a tantrum during a hay ride that involved crying, shouting "no" and throwing herself into a bale of hay, while my two and half year old screamed at the top of her lungs in panic. That was ca-razy! 

 It then becomes much easier to comfort said children in a reasonable fashion without my head exploding from panic and/or embarrassment.

This plan is not bullet proof. So, please share any coping strategies of your own!

Monday, September 2, 2013


Okay, so school starts tomorrow.

My list looks like this now...
  • Make school shirts
  • Gather materials for first month 
  • Fill out lesson planner (almost done)
  • Set up new school room (no comment)

I am an awesome procrastinator. But at least I got the shirts done!

Also a bunch of birds took over our yard...

 Little black dots= birds

After having an Alfred Hitchcock panic attack, I decided to get some pictures. Though it's tough to see in the photo, there are probably over 30 birds in our yard. I still have no idea why the bird convention happened.

Okay, back to homeschool...

We joined a preschool co-op that a friend of mine has graciously organized and lucky for us, the co-op is doing the catholicicing curriculum! Which, is the awesome curriculum we used last year for preschool (and planned on using this year again). Totally worked out. I love when that happens.

Then, I found out that Clifford got in to the 4-5 year old class offered once a week in the homeschool co-op we joined last year. So, we just got loads of busy over here.

Note to self: Do school in the summer so as to avoid start-of-fall-panic. 

That leaves us with 2.5 days a week of 4K and 1 "free" day. I'm really excited for our 4K curriculum, which includes-

  •  Math (Saxon) 
  • Reading (Little Angels Reader)
  • Catholicism (Chats with God's Little Ones)
  • Science (250 Preschool Science Activities)
  • Art (TBD... yup, I know...) 
This is my first time trying out all of these books. Wish us luck!

Monday, July 15, 2013



"Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward." - Psalm 127:3 

"If you want to know what it's like to have a fourth, just imagine you're drowning... and someone hands you a baby." - Jim Gaffigan


The best thing about newborns is that, if you wait awhile, they eventually stop being newborns.

At their most excellent our newborns are sweet and innocent little people who have robbed us of sleep in the most gentle way possible.

 At their worst, they have screamed so loudly and in such a terrifying manner that we might just have considered exorcism.

Right now, we have a little boy who pulls a Jekyll and Hyde on us.

Calm, well mannered boy by day...

 howling banshee by night.

 So, what do we do to cope?

In the "pleasant side" of life, when we have it more together we utilize our amazingly well oiled teamwork to get through newbornhood and spend the parts of our nights with the new one in prayer.

But, life isn't always pleasant and sometimes we don't have it "more together". So, sometimes we drag ourselves like zombies through the days and nights and wait for death. We become increasingly less patient with everything and everyone around us... and fantasize about converting to Buddhism (we won't, don't worry... probably).