Sunday, May 26, 2013

Where's Waldo (and other random things that start with "W")

We didn't do much for homeschooling this week. I managed to squeeze one day of preschool in.

Our letter of the week was "W" and we did a world craft... and sang "He's got the whole world in his hands." 

The geeklets all have their own backpacks which they randomly decide are the coolest things ever. A processes that includes wearing them during everything, including some meals.
(Maria, deciding her backpack is the coolest thing ever.)

Maria also managed to contract pink eye in both eyes and an ear infection. 

Clifford (and several rounds of antibiotics) were able to perk her up. 

What big brothers are for

Hey, remember how I threw all of our past preschool work into a messy and totally disorganized drawer?  (Probably not) Well, here is it... 

 And here's what did with it!!

Filing school papers is what gets me excited these days. 

Also, just for fun... Maria getting ready for Mass.

The veils don't usually stay on her head for long... but she loves putting them on.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vince loves the velvet vest best

Now that the school year is nearing it's end, I get to focus on organizing all the stuff we've accumulated.

So far my method of storage has included throwing everything into a drawer...  this might take awhile.

Meanwhile, we learned the letter "V" this week and made Vatican City Flags!

 Maria's flag design 

Gluing on flag poles 

 And look, two hands!

Clifford photographing! 

The face Maria makes for her brother. 

I gave the kids a chance to write their own "V"s on the whiteboard.

I also, gave Clifford a chance to draw all over himself...
You wouldn't like him when he's angry. 

After some soap and water, we did a craft with some velvet ribbon scraps. 


Now, on to "W".... and organizing, or napping. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

U betcha

This past week was pretty awesome. 

I celebrated the 6th anniversary of my 21st birthday! 

Geekface got me an awesome new storage cabinet for our school room. So, I can keep art supplies nearby without fear of art supplies being everywhere. 

And it's magnetic!

We also had an impromptu birthday party. The best kind, everyone got presents! 


We learned the letter "U" this week and did an "Upper room" craft of Jesus and his disciples in the upper room at passover for the last supper. I don't know if the kids made the connection between the letter and the craft... but they had fun making it. 
Maria coloring some disciples 

 Coloring, like a boss. 

 Clifford did most of the gluing. 

We also did an "under" project this week. We lightly taped "U"s onto construction paper and then painted over them. 

Then, we peeled off the "U"s we taped on to reveal the letter U under the paint! 

Surprise! It's a "U". 

Friday, May 3, 2013


Another week happened. 

"T" week. 
T is for tired momma in the third trimester.

During the parts of the week I didn't zone out for, we did some preschool. We kept it simple. We got the markers and some popsicle sticks out...

... and made triangles for the Trinity (ignore the sheep). The kids loved this.

Some, maybe loved it a bit too much... 


We start our preschool days with a prayer and to help the kids remember which hand to do the sign of the cross with Clifford puts little cross stickers on everybody's right hand. 

Sometimes he takes some liberties, and stickers end up other places as well...

Maria, playing with trucks (and the sheep).

When we're not homeschooling Maria enjoys playing with trucks. So I thought I'd incorporate that in a craft project for "T" week.

First, we picked out paper and cut out our letter T's. Then, we glued them on the paper we picked out (stay with me, it gets better)

Then, I got some toy cars and trucks and tractors out and paint (yes paint) and we rolled the tires in the paint and made tracks!

 Maria making tracks! 

Somehow, we managed to have fun this week and now it's time for a nap... it's time for a nap, right?