Wednesday, November 27, 2013

That's what happened

So here's what happened...

We slept in late. I slept in late. We ate breakfast late and missed our Wednesday morning playgroup. This is a pretty standard Wednesday morning habit- wake up late, check... miss playgroup, check. But this morning we had to get out, we had library books due.

I didn't just want to get all the kids in the van and drive to the library and not do anything. I checked online for a story time. No dice. So I figured we do something else (again, getting the kids in the van and not doing anything= not an option). There's this neat toy train barn about an hour away so we went there.

The train barn was actually really cool. This family is really dedicated to this toy train collect and it's beautiful and detailed. There are a lot of buttons to push to move trains, turn lights on, open doors and watch little people and vehicles move in and out of them. It's great. My kids enjoyed all of 15 minutes of it (which is actually not too shabby) after which the family dog decided to try and get to know these new, little visitors. 

My kids are completely terrified of dogs. Every time this admittedly very sweet dog came around it sent them into full panic mode (full panic mode includes- howling, declarations of fear and scaling me like monkeys). 

So we left. 

Got back home an hour later... 

and yep, I forgot to return the library books.

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