Monday, September 2, 2013


Okay, so school starts tomorrow.

My list looks like this now...
  • Make school shirts
  • Gather materials for first month 
  • Fill out lesson planner (almost done)
  • Set up new school room (no comment)

I am an awesome procrastinator. But at least I got the shirts done!

Also a bunch of birds took over our yard...

 Little black dots= birds

After having an Alfred Hitchcock panic attack, I decided to get some pictures. Though it's tough to see in the photo, there are probably over 30 birds in our yard. I still have no idea why the bird convention happened.

Okay, back to homeschool...

We joined a preschool co-op that a friend of mine has graciously organized and lucky for us, the co-op is doing the catholicicing curriculum! Which, is the awesome curriculum we used last year for preschool (and planned on using this year again). Totally worked out. I love when that happens.

Then, I found out that Clifford got in to the 4-5 year old class offered once a week in the homeschool co-op we joined last year. So, we just got loads of busy over here.

Note to self: Do school in the summer so as to avoid start-of-fall-panic. 

That leaves us with 2.5 days a week of 4K and 1 "free" day. I'm really excited for our 4K curriculum, which includes-

  •  Math (Saxon) 
  • Reading (Little Angels Reader)
  • Catholicism (Chats with God's Little Ones)
  • Science (250 Preschool Science Activities)
  • Art (TBD... yup, I know...) 
This is my first time trying out all of these books. Wish us luck!

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