Saturday, June 22, 2013

Something tells me I'm into something good.

Last week was pretty eventful.

We went to the zoo for "Z" week...

Enjoying a snack at the zoo

Emily called every animal we saw a dog "Daa" and proceed to bark at them "woo woo". 

"Da, woo woo!" 

"Da, woo woo!" 

"Da, woo woo!"  (Yes, this too)

 Maria being a poplar bear.

 Clifford checking out his favorite zoo animal, the giraffe (not pictured).

Then, we went to the zoo park!

I'm so glad we got to the zoo for "Z" week because later that night this happened...

Geeklet #4! (blog name in progress)

So that was exciting. And then I napped.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

X, Y... Z?

Apostle song craft! 

Last week we learned the letter "X".  We did a St. Francis Xavier craft! 

I let the kids pick the color of the beard they wanted for him. Clifford and Maria picked orange, and Clifford's beard took sort of took over...

Clifford's is the orange one... he added flowers. 

Then, we did a neat X-ray craft. The kids traced their hands and we used Q-tips for the "bones". 

Also, we made a stop at a thrift store and picked up some bulletin boards!

This week, we learned about the letter "Y" (only one week left!).

We colored Y's and then laced them with yarn.

Okay, we didn't *all* lace them with yarn. 

We made "Yes, Lord"  hands, because "yes" starts with "Y"... and they're cute.

Maria, showing off her "Yes, Lord!" craft. 

Next week... the letter "Z"?   Or, labor?