Monday, April 29, 2013

Something good...

I loved our saints project for "S" week!  I cut out clouds and the kids picked out saints they wanted to glue on them.


They got to practice their cutting and gluing skills. Emily made her own smaller version with crayons and tape... and one saint, apparently that's all she wanted. Lucky Saint Gregory.

Emily takes her saints seriously.

They turned out beautifully! 

 Maria's saint project! 

 Clifford's saint project! 

Emily's saint project! 

We did a coloring worksheet about seasons...

Maria and Clifford helped make a paper mache sun and then painted it.

and then they painted the table

"S" week was a success.

Only 7 letters left until summer vacation... which will likely be just in time for geeklet #4 to make his appearance. Good timing (I hope).

Monday, April 22, 2013


 Our letter of the week was "R", so we made rosaries... classic Catholic.

 Emily preferred this activity on the floor.


It's still Easter! 

So, we did an Easter song about Jesus rising and made use of our make-shift felt board for visual aids. Clifford took this very seriously. He wanted to do it twice... so we did.

We made rainbow art with fruit loops... and ate rainbow art... with our mouths. 

We did this project during Emily's nap one day. Maria and Clifford really enjoyed this, it was messy.


We tried smashing the fruit loops with out hands at first, but decided on tools to help us out... namely, a potato masher. 

Then, we made rainbow pictures with the fruit loop dust... because, why not. 

Clifford also did some desk work tracing and writing "R"s.

 And the girls practiced their "reading" skills.

And/or their sitting in piles of mess skills. Mad skills, either way.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


We did a few things this week.

 We moved Clifford's "big boy" desk into the school room. And we finally got around to making our Easter calenders. 


Our letter of the week is "Q" so we did a neat Queen of Heaven project. The project involved painting the kids' hands and feet. No pictures were taken of this processes because children with paint on their hands and feet is serious business that required all of my limbs to keep in check. But I did get some pics of them putting their finishing touches on. 

They drew faces and put sparkles on- because what's a picture of the Queen of Heaven without sparkles?

Clifford also added his own special touch...

it's hair.

The next day we reviewed our letter of the week by stamping with quarters. A project I immediately deemed a failure when our ink wouldn't cooperate. But kids are more flexible and both Maria and Clifford had a lot of fun stamping with quarters, even with me cringing. 

Then, instead of an art project we went over questions. Clifford came up with some interesting ones. My favorite was, "Will I be an adult next Christmas?"

With the end of the school year looming, I am getting ready for next year- 4K! We'll still be doing with preschool program for all three and then adding on some bonus 4K material for Clifford which I just ordered today and I am, of course, super excited about! 4K!