Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Basically, a whole bunch of August just happened...

We went to our local splash park. Turns out one of my kids isn't terrified of water sprinkling them. Which is an entire kid more than last summer (improvement!).


Luckily, there are three playgrounds next to the splash park. 

Too much excitement!

Besides taking a tour of our park system, I've been trying to get things organized around here for the start of the school year. 

I implemented a daily chore chart. 

So far the chart has acted like more of a "suggestion" chart. (And yes, I illustrated it... and yes that's the best I can draw).

But still on the list of things to do are-
  • Make school shirts (I love this but it brings on the procrastinator in me) 
  • Gather materials for the first month (I'm doing monthly this year, instead of weekly stuff gathering)
  • Fill out lesson planner
  • Set up new school room (this is school room #3, indecisive much?) 

In other news, Clifford has been honing in some new skills.

Most impressively is the pancake batter making skill.

Which comes in handy when I do this...

You'd think this is a thing you could only do once in life... apparently not. 

Clifford has also learned the art of funny face making while being photographed. 

Ya know, because getting a nice picture of the four kids wasn't hard enough. 

He has, however taken an interest in photography.

Hey look, it's me! 

Photo by Clifford. His favorite tree. 

So, that's what we've been up to.


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