Monday, April 29, 2013

Something good...

I loved our saints project for "S" week!  I cut out clouds and the kids picked out saints they wanted to glue on them.


They got to practice their cutting and gluing skills. Emily made her own smaller version with crayons and tape... and one saint, apparently that's all she wanted. Lucky Saint Gregory.

Emily takes her saints seriously.

They turned out beautifully! 

 Maria's saint project! 

 Clifford's saint project! 

Emily's saint project! 

We did a coloring worksheet about seasons...

Maria and Clifford helped make a paper mache sun and then painted it.

and then they painted the table

"S" week was a success.

Only 7 letters left until summer vacation... which will likely be just in time for geeklet #4 to make his appearance. Good timing (I hope).

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