Monday, April 22, 2013


 Our letter of the week was "R", so we made rosaries... classic Catholic.

 Emily preferred this activity on the floor.


It's still Easter! 

So, we did an Easter song about Jesus rising and made use of our make-shift felt board for visual aids. Clifford took this very seriously. He wanted to do it twice... so we did.

We made rainbow art with fruit loops... and ate rainbow art... with our mouths. 

We did this project during Emily's nap one day. Maria and Clifford really enjoyed this, it was messy.


We tried smashing the fruit loops with out hands at first, but decided on tools to help us out... namely, a potato masher. 

Then, we made rainbow pictures with the fruit loop dust... because, why not. 

Clifford also did some desk work tracing and writing "R"s.

 And the girls practiced their "reading" skills.

And/or their sitting in piles of mess skills. Mad skills, either way.

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  1. SO fun! I need to start getting more crafty with my little Miss again. Great ideas!! Thank you :D