Tuesday, September 3, 2013

School's in session

This first day of school went considerably better than last year's.

We started the day out with prayer (and coffee). 

Then got right to work on some math. Math for 4Kers is pretty much a bunch a fun. All the kids enjoyed today's math lesson.

We did reading next. But I think I'll move another subject in it's place and switch reading to a time when the girls nap. Clifford did really great for his first day back. But the reading was, not surprisingly, well over the girls' heads. Maria did enjoy her "writing" assignment I put in her backpack though.

This lady is all business 

Then we did the most important thing...

Oh yeah, he was there too. 

After playing and eating, the girls settled in for their naps and Clifford and I moved onto the next subject, Catholicism. 

We read about Moses receiving the 10 commandments and then made a short form list of them. Clifford helped me come up with picture ideas to represent the commandments. This was a nice peaceful time. 

Maria woke up and joined us for science. Which I have no pictures of today. I read them a couple books and stopped every few pages or so and asked them what they predicted would happen next. Clifford did great predicting, Maria did great repeating Clifford's predictions.

Finally, art (yes art). I don't have a curriculum yet (but I did just order one!). So I moseyed over to catholicicing.com and found a cute rosary hanger craft.  Great idea, I thought. 

Warning: the mess that follows is not for the faint (or OCD) of heart. 

I kept my inner panic to a dull scream... but the craft turned out pretty cute.

After our school day was complete Maria put a blanket on her head and told me, "take a picture, I'm a Mary."  I thought this was super adorable so of course I got my camera, snapped a shot- which included evidence of Clifford's refined photo bombing technique.

Kid's got skills

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