Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vince loves the velvet vest best

Now that the school year is nearing it's end, I get to focus on organizing all the stuff we've accumulated.

So far my method of storage has included throwing everything into a drawer...  this might take awhile.

Meanwhile, we learned the letter "V" this week and made Vatican City Flags!

 Maria's flag design 

Gluing on flag poles 

 And look, two hands!

Clifford photographing! 

The face Maria makes for her brother. 

I gave the kids a chance to write their own "V"s on the whiteboard.

I also, gave Clifford a chance to draw all over himself...
You wouldn't like him when he's angry. 

After some soap and water, we did a craft with some velvet ribbon scraps. 


Now, on to "W".... and organizing, or napping. 

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