Sunday, May 12, 2013

U betcha

This past week was pretty awesome. 

I celebrated the 6th anniversary of my 21st birthday! 

Geekface got me an awesome new storage cabinet for our school room. So, I can keep art supplies nearby without fear of art supplies being everywhere. 

And it's magnetic!

We also had an impromptu birthday party. The best kind, everyone got presents! 


We learned the letter "U" this week and did an "Upper room" craft of Jesus and his disciples in the upper room at passover for the last supper. I don't know if the kids made the connection between the letter and the craft... but they had fun making it. 
Maria coloring some disciples 

 Coloring, like a boss. 

 Clifford did most of the gluing. 

We also did an "under" project this week. We lightly taped "U"s onto construction paper and then painted over them. 

Then, we peeled off the "U"s we taped on to reveal the letter U under the paint! 

Surprise! It's a "U". 

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